Process Development

SST International's Process Development Program provides both prospective and current users of SST vacuum furnaces with new product R&D and manufacturing process development. This service may include package design, materials and plating specifications, solder alloy selection, tooling design, thermal analysis and furnace profile development. SST's Process Development Team has special expertise in the areas of mechanical design, metallurgy, failure analysis, thermodynamics and high vacuum technology - all relating directly to microelectronic package assembly. They are a group of experienced design and process engineers with the know-how to overcome process challenges and develop solutions that work.

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Process Development CTA


  • SST Process Development Engineer
  • Special Process Development Tooling Model
  • SST Process Development Lab
  • IR Thermal Image of Graphite Heating Fixture


SST maintains a fully-equipped process development lab facility with high temperature and high vacuum furnaces. This is complemented by test equipment for performing real-time X-ray inspection, infrared imaging for measuring thermal uniformity, fine and gross leak testing and optical microscopy. SST's local partners also provide quick turn-around for metallurgical cross sectioning, Auger analysis, electron-beam microscopy and CSAM analysis. SST utilizes 3D modeling and design software and can easily import customer files from most software systems. SST's expertise with the design and fabrication of graphite tooling is unmatched. State-of-the-art high-speed machining centers are used to produce the highest quality tools. SST can quickly and efficiently design and produce both prototype and production tooling for your application.