SST Vacuum Reflow Systems Processes

Void-Free Die Soldering

Void-free die and substrate solder attach is used to create a uniform thermal interface for high reliability microelectronic devices.

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Hermetic Package Sealing

Hermetic package sealing uses solder or glass to create a barrier to moisture which will damage sensitive electrical circuit components.

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Wafer Level Packaging and Wafer Bonding

Wafer level packaging processes include solder reflow, lid sealing, anodic bonding, direct fusion, adhesive and glass frit.

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Glass to Metal Sealing

Glass to metal sealing is performed at high temperatures to created hermetic seals for electrical feedthroughs and electronic components.

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High Vacuum MEMS Package Sealing

High vacuum discrete MEMS package sealing requires baking to remove moisture, high temperature getter activation and hermetic lid sealing.

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