SST QuikCool™ Auxiliary Cooling Unit

The patent-pending QuikCool™ auxiliary cooling unit extends the capability of the SST Model 5100 to higher volume production and extends the range of product types that can be processed.

With the QuikCool™ option, you can benefit from - reduced cycle time and increased output; highly controlled, precise solder joints, reliable and flexible equipment and the control, temperature range and durability of graphite,  all in one chamber for reduced cost and handling.

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Model 5100 QuikCool™ Auxiliary Cooling Unit

  • QuikCool™
  • 5100 QuikCool™ Chamber

 Features and Benefits

Rapid temperature cooldown Reduces cycle time and increases throughput COO/UCR*
Rapid heat and cool Reduces solder grain size - increases reliability of solder joint DR*
Less than 3% voids High yields, reduced cost per device, high reliability DR*
Reduces consumption of gas and power Reduces operating cost and cost of ownership COO*
Heat and cool in same chamber No need to move devices from hot to cold chamber UF/COO*
Self contained cooling system No facility modification needed COO*
No moving parts Equipment reliability COO*
Precise temperature uniformity Controlled, high yield output DR/UCR*
Designed specifically for SST 5100 Compatible system to extend use of 5100 system UCR*
Compact and flexible Small footprint for easy placement near 5100 system COO*
Fully integrated into 5100 OS Ease of use for operator UF*

*COO : Reduced Cost of Ownership
 DR : Device Reliability
 UCR : Unit Cost Reduction
 UF : User Friendly Operation


Target Plate Cool Down Rate 200°C/min
Temperature Uniformity on Target Plate =/-2% of set temperature
Self-contained re-circulating water 2 GPM
Overall Size 30 x 18 x 24 inches (77 x 46 x 61 cm)
Weight 250 lbs (114 kg)
*Specifications are subject to change.